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Dr. Clayton grew up in Southern California in a family of six kids. From a young age, he developed a love for the mountains, desert, and wide open spaces. He has always loved riding his bike, cooking new recipes, and playing music.

Our dentist always knew he wanted to work with his hands, and at Restoration Dentistry, he does exactly that. Dr. Clayton combines the art of dentistry with his expertise to heal and restore each day.

One of his favorite parts of the day is getting to know patients like you and hearing your story, passions, hobbies, and creating long-lasting friendships.



Eliza grew up in Boise and was elated to return here to raise her family. She loves connecting with people in our community and helping them find hope in a different kind of dental experience here at Restoration Dentistry. The best part of her job is getting to make so many new friends while educating them about our dental services.

Our marketing director, Eliza, is Dr. Clayton’s wife and they have two boys ages 3 and 5. Together, they enjoy hiking, biking, camping, and playing on the river. A fun fact? She loves connecting with other women and supporting them, and would love to become a birth doula one day.


Office Coordinator

Tessa is #4 of 5 kids and was raised half in the Treasure Valley and half in Northern Utah. As the office manager at Restoration Dentistry, she loves seeing the difference and relief patients achieve from easy access to great dental care. Tessa also enjoys connecting with our visitors and creating a safe space where they feel comfortable from start to finish.

Outside the office, she stays busy with her husband and kids. When she has time to herself, she loves to decorate cakes (you can find her work at @ollimaicakesOpen Instagram page (open in new window)). A fun fact? Tessa’s bucket list includes traveling to Melbourne, Australia for the Australian Open.

“I decided to join this awesome team because Dr. Clayton has such a passion and you can feel how excited and inspired he is and it’s easy to get excited with him and understand his vision.”


Dental Hygienist

Monica has lived in Idaho since 1999 and loves our state’s four seasons and outdoor recreation. Her mom and grandmother were both nurses but hated the hours, and Monica found that dentistry offers a much better work-life balance. At Restoration Dentistry, she loves getting to know our patients and teaching them about their oral health and the oral-systemic connection.

In her spare time, you’ll likely find Monica somewhere with friends playing volleyball (whether it’s indoors or outdoors). She also likes to spend time with family; this includes dirt biking, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, skiing, boating, fishing, and rock climbing. Monica also loves to travel, and her favorite quote is, “Life is not happening to you; it’s happening for you.”


Dental Assistant

Nicole has been a dental assistant for over ten years and is passionate about making the dental experience a positive one for everyone. From a young age, she enjoyed going to the dentist and wanted to pursue a career as an assistant. Today, she loves helping people become more confident in their own smiles!

In her free time, Nicole stays busy with her husband; they have three children and a dog. They like to spend time together enjoying all the beautiful things Idaho has to offer. She also likes crafting, cooking, and shopping. Nicole’s favorite quote is, “Being positive isn’t pretending everything is good; it’s seeing the good in everything.”



Katie was born and raised in Idaho, growing up only a few minutes away from Restoration Dentistry. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from Boise State UniversityOpen website (open in new window) and joined the marketing team at Restoration Dentistry because she truly believes in Dr. Clayton’s mission.

In her free time, Katie loves anything outdoors-related, especially during the summer, spending as much time as possible on the lake and river, swimming, boating, or kayaking. During the winter, she stays busy with her family at various Boise State sporting events. Katie’s married and has three children, and she’s semi-fluent in American Sign Language.

Patient Stories
‘‘Wow, what an incredible dental experience! Dr. Clayton is so thoughtful and thorough. He takes his time, and I never felt rushed; he addressed all my concerns. The staff is so friendly and makes you feel right at home. His technology is cutting edge, far and above what most dentists are using. I’m SO glad I found them, and I’m excited to feel confident in my new dental home. 10/10, recommend.’’

- Brenna C.

‘‘Dr. Clayton and his team are always so friendly, thorough, and kind. They have a lot of accommodations to make your visit comfortable and are very in-depth to make sure all aspects of your health are great. I love the family feel you get with the conversations.’’

- Peyton L.

Your Better Dental Experience Starts Here

Dr. Clayton and Monica talking with a patient

At Restoration Dentistry in Meridian, ID, we’re here to help keep you smiling! Whether you have dental anxiety, are overdue for a visit, or feel overwhelmed by your options, our team is here to create a comfortable and stress-free experience.

  • Step 1: Ease Your Mind
    First, our team will get to know you in a calming, safe space. You can sit back and relax in our modern office that feels more like a spa.
  • Step 2: Let’s Work Together
    Next, we’ll discuss your oral and overall health and find the best way to optimize it in a judgment-free way. Then, our team will help you build an anxiety-management plan that you feel good about.
  • Step 3: Keep Smiling
    A healthy, beautiful smile promotes better well-being. Turn to us for all of your dental care needs using less invasive, nature-driven dentistry. Our team will be there for you every step of the way.
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