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Experience an un-dental visit at Restoration Dentistry in Meridian, ID.

Restoration Dentistry is Wellness

Restoration Dentistry is Dr. Craig Clayton’s dream for a better dental experience with more comfort, technology, and services under one roof. But the truth is, it’s not about our vision, but about patients and families like you.

You matter, and we take the time to understand your needs, goals, and comfort. Dr. Clayton has a whole wellness approach which takes into account mental, social, and emotional factors when assessing your overall health and how that affects the oral cavity. Only then do we recommend and educate you about your best treatment options.

If you have been frustrated by recurring dental issues, we are here to support you. We do not just treat the symptoms, but work to solve the underlying problem giving you renewed hope and less trips to the dentist!

Restoration Dentistry is Nature

Some of the best art mimics nature, and modern dentistry is the same. Utilizing an innovative approach inspired by nature called biomimetic dentistry, we treat dental problems using less invasive and conservative treatments to promote long-term oral health.

Biomimetic dentistry mimics the natural processes of living organisms through innovative techniques and man-made materials that act like natural enamel and dentin (the make-up of your teeth).

During treatment, our dentist saves more of the tooth structure and incorporates materials that aren’t prone to shrinking or cracking. In turn, we help prevent more costly, invasive treatments in the future (like root canals, extractions, and implants).

Restoration Dentistry is Artistry

Everyone deserves to have a smile they love, and it’s never too late to get started. If you have permanent discoloration, a broken tooth, or are dreaming of a complete smile makeover, we’re here for you with conservative treatments that protect your natural teeth while enhancing your appearance.

Dr. Clayton invested in the best technology to make your cosmetic dentistry experience completely customized with 3D scans, milling, and hand-stained porcelain cosmetic restorations. For porcelain veneers and crowns prominent in the front of the smile, Dr. Clayton works with highly specialized and talented dental laboratory technicians to give his patients beautiful natural looking results.

Our dentist has an eye for detail, combining beauty and function to help ensure your smile looks good and feels good.

Dr. Clayton's Approach
‘‘I am passionate about the art of dentistry and the ability to work with my hands to heal and restore each day.’’

- Dr. Clayton

Experience Comfort at Restoration Dentistry

Every detail of the office was designed with you in mind, from the natural light and beautiful landscape art, to the plants and private treatment rooms. We did not want it to look, feel, or sound like a dental office. You can expect a clean, calming space with a friendly team who feels more like family.

Dental anxiety is extremely common. It is our mission to help you feel at ease and give you the confidence to care for your oral health. During your new patient visit, we will have 90 minutes to establish a relationship of trust, teach you about your dental health and any recommended next steps, and the best part is – Dr. Clayton does this in full comfort and at your own pace.

Here are the office comforts we offer for you and your family:

  • Neck pillow
  • Oral sedation
  • Calm custom lighting
  • Nitrous oxide sedation
  • Luxury drink and snack bar
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Built-in ceiling entertainment
  • Personalized music in each room
  • Blanket options (weighted, heated, knit)
  • Steamed towel and post-treatment jaw massage

Discover Modern Family Dentistry

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The Mill
Dr. Clayton creates indirect restorations such as crowns and onlays using a state of the art ceramic mill and customizes each restoration to blend in with the surrounding teeth. Same-day delivery is an option so that you don’t have to come back for a second appointment.
The Cone Beam
This radiograph machine creates 3D images of the teeth, jaws, structures surrounding the mouth, and airway. It is a modern and powerful instrument to aid in diagnosis, cancer screening, and precise implant surgery planning.
The 3D Scanner
This wireless scanner creates a 3D model which eliminates the need for impressions. We use this to 3D print models of the teeth, make restorations such as onlays and crowns, and as a strong patient education and smile design tool.
Patient Stories
‘‘I am a new patient to the office and had my first appointment this week. My experience can be summed up into one word, “thoughtful”. Dr. Clayton and his staff have thought of everything!! From the coffee, tea, hot cocoa, sparkling water in the lobby to the heated/weighted blankets, tv on the ceiling and Bluetooth noise canceling headphones available during your treatments. It is clear that patient comfort is a top priority.’’

- Jeremy M

‘‘I am beyond impressed with Restoration Dentistry! I went in today for a second opinion consultation after a negative experience with my previous dentist.
Dr. Clayton and his staff are absolutely amazing! He answered all of my questions and I left the office excited about my dental care moving forward which has never been the case before. I feel well-informed and am extremely excited about this holistic approach to dentistry. Cannot recommend this place enough!’’

- Holly Horch

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